Past Litters 5
Family.  This is what they had to say...
"My daughter is heading off to
school and it made me think of your
puppy business and our sweetheart
of a lab.  Lucy is going to be two
this December, and I thought you
would like to see her in her large
size.  She walks daily and loves to
swim, especially when we go to
Platsbugh NY and swim in lake
champlain.  She is incredibly loyal
and friendly (smart tho, not jumping
up on people or begging for food).  
She guards the kids rooms at night
and when my daughter leaves, she
sits a at the back door and sighs.

She eats the food you
recommended, sees the Vet every
3  months, crosses her front paws
herds the 2 spitzes we also own.......
and has a pretty trait of beautiful
brown eye liner around her eyes.


She is about 82lbs.

Kare C Holm

Hi Monica,

I just wanted to let you
know that Wes is doing
great!  He just went for his
2nd vet appointment
yesterday and is up to 14
lbs.  He’s doing great with
the housebreaking and
already knows sit, lay
down, paw, and “other
paw”!  Here are a few
pictures of him – the first
is him in his favorite spot
on the a/c vent, as soon as
he hears it come on he
runs over to take a nice
cool nap on it!


"Hello Monica,

Just wanted to let you know how Ace is doing. He's become a big goofball; he's always stealing
toys from the toy basket, goes on walks all around town with me, and romps through the garden
in our backyard to get to our small pond. Everyone stops to pat him and asks where he's from
when I'm in Stateline Pet Supply. I proudly say Pritchett's Labs! Ace loves to play in his own
plastic pool and sneak over to our neighbor's house to swim in their pond and chase the ducks
around! He's a joy to be around and also loves to lick frozen peanut butter out of a bone that I
bought him awhile ago. Ace is very smart; he lets me put a treat on his paw and waits until I say
"OK". He loves playing with other dogs and retrieving tennis balls in the backyard. I attached
some pictures of him chasing the ball and one when he was finished from his swim in the pond,
and had to wait to be dried off! I'm proud to say that he's been neutered and loves to play with
other dogs around the town. Thanks again!

Take Care,

                                              This is Kona, she lives with the Bulkley her...

Hi Monica,

I know it has been quite a while and you haven't heard from us, so I'm writing to give a big
update on Kona's status.

She is doing extremely well here on Long Island, adjusting to the varying temperatures and
enjoying the surprising amounts of snow we've received this year. She is a quick learner
and already knows how to sit, lay down, and go to our back door when she needs to go
potty. She has gotten tall recently and now can go up and down the second floor stairs

She loves going on long walks (we have a fantastic path by our
house that is perfect) and has an afinity for falling asleep on
our bed under the sheets like a person.

I've attached a couple pictures from the last few weeks since
we got her.

Hope all is well up in NH.

This is Bauer he lives in Rutland, VT with his parents Emily and Jon.  This is what they had to say...
"Just thought I'd share a few photos with you! Bauer is doing excellent! We are so happy to have him in our
lives. We like to keep him very active during the day going hiking, swimming, or just to the park to run
around (he is a very fast runner!) He can sit and stay on command and is very well behaved. Everyone talks
about how easy going and mellow he is. He's wonderful around other people and dogs. We're pretty much
house broken at this point few accidents every now and then. But he runs to the door and does a potty dance
when he needs to go out. Well i hope you enjoy these pictures. We'll keep in touch! Bauer says hello!!!
This is Jackson he lives in MA with the Eastman Family.  This is what they had to say...
"hi well we named him Jackson.  He is a great dog from  Max and Miya . He is about 75 lbs
.Jackson gets a long real well with our older dog Toby (the larger dog) and our two cats and he
just loves people.  He loves to  swim and be chased by the other dogs when we go to the park .  
He really loves to eat it is so funny at feeding time he runs around  and does a little dance .  We
love having him he is great .  

Thank you  wish you all well
Becky and Jim"
This is Bailey she lives with the Morgan Family.  This is what they had to say...
"I've thought to email you often over the last year, but never seemed to find the time. Our
puppy, Bailey Blue, is such a joy. She's a warm, wonderful dog, who has graduated obedience
school, spends some part of every day roaming in a big yard with an electric fence (and dog
house) so she can move freely.

She has three doting kids to play with and two cats to torment when the mood strikes.?

We love her, she's a great dog, and has inspired other families we know to consider a yellow lab
as a pet. One of my nephews keeps her picture as a reminder of the "doggie he wants" when he
gets big.

Here are some photos you might like to see? "
This is Brady he lives with the Fay Family.  This is what they had to say...

Just thought we'd give you a little update on our little man Brady.  Brady is from Snowy's litter
born July 2008.  Brady quickly adjusted to our home and he LOVES the kids.  He is a snuggle
bug and wants to be with us all the time.  He loves all people and other dogs and he hardly ever
barks.  He is almost completely house broken but the not barking thing is kinda a problem when
it comes to that.  We had a little bit of a scare when Brady went to his second vet appointment.  
He received his 3rd round of the booster and the first Lyme disease shot.  He had an anaphlactic
allergic reaction and we had to rush him back to the vet.  A few shots of benadryl later and he
was fine.  However, we now have to take many precautions before he gets any vaccines.  He is a
BIG BOY.  At 12 weeks he weighed 24 pounds.  He will be 14 weeks tomorrow and weighs 29
pounds!  We get lots of compliments on his temperament and coloring (many people think he is
a golden).  We wanted to thank you again for providing us with such a sweet puppy!  I have
attached a few pictures so you can see how much he's grown!

The Fay Family (Ryan, Kelly, Kylie, and Colin) "

                                            This is Bosco, he lives with the Toomey
Family.                                                                             This is what they had to say about

Hi Monica,

We love our new addition, he's a great dog and I get tons of compliments on how good
looking and healthy he looks and his great temperament!!  He's really adjusted well and he's
our little buddy and has quite the personality, it's so funny!    Just introduced him to the
water last week.


                                                  This is Zoe, she lives with the Knight
Family.                                                                                                                                       This is what they had to say about

Hi Monica,

I just wanted to share some pictures with you.  We absolutely adore her!!!  She has a wonderful disposition...
I am thrilled we went with the English Lab- Miya's female.  When you said Miya is much more laid back than Alley
I knew we should go with her.  I was so nervous to have a puppy and now that we have adjusted to the routine,
everything is great!!!  She is a quick learner, potty trained and night crated.  Loves to play and enjoys just laying around.
It must make you feel good, knowing the joy you bring to families.

Thank you, we will keep you updated on her progress...

Take care,
Dana Knight
Just saying hello and to let
you know Jake is doing
awesome, doing really well
potty training and I have
already taught him to sit,
hope all is well.

1 Derry Hill Rd.
Acworth, NH 03601